Software Change Requests

Submitting a Change Request

Requests for fixes or enhancements (changes) to systems managed by Student Systems should be submitted in an e-mail to Student Systems (

The e-mail should contain the following information:

These emailed requests will be automatically registered in the University's call management system UniDesk.

Following receipt, an initial assessment will be made by the Student Systems Business Support Team.

Changes (whether bug or enhancement) assessed as Critical or High priority that require no analysis (i.e. very easy/minimal resources to implement) will be assessed further, and hopefully be able to be be passed to IS for progress (but see the prioritisation process below). More demanding issues will need to be considered more fully, given limited resourse and commitments to a number of ongoing projects.

Changes assessed as Medium or Low priority will only be able to be progressed if and as resources allow; given the resource position described above, these are unlikely to be addressed in the short to medium term.

Once an issue is resolved and implemented to LIVE, the Release Notes are updated.

Please note: a number of requested changes have been included under an IS Applications "Project" (and therefore will not be recorded below). This might be because that function is being revised through a separate project, or the changes are being progressed through the small-scale enhancements projects.

If you believe a change request has been made and it appears on none of the lists below, please contact Student Systems ( for clarification.

Related IS Production Management information

Please see IS Production Management Approach to Managing Student Systems Programme Support Calls for their categorisation and prioritisation strategy.

The Student Systems programme Monthly reports are available. By selecting a monthly report, one can scroll down to 'Service Statistics' and see the budget expenditure summary (i.e. how many days per annum are allocated to the Student Systems Programme by IS Production Management and how many have been used thus far this year). By selecting the "Call and budget details' link, one can see how much effort has been expended against which activity.



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