Create a Course Instance: Assessment Methods

Staff holding the Input & Amend Course Details role will be required to set-up and maintain course instances including Assessment Methods.

Please note that the Assessment Methods details are displayed in the published Course Summary within the Course Delivery Information section, along with the Learning & Teaching activities, Exam Information, Teaching Load and Course Start date. A link to the new Time tabling software is also provided there.

The guidance below provides assistance with the completion of the Assessment Methods section:

Written Exam


Written exams usually occur at the end of a period of learning and assess whether students have achieved the intended learning outcomes. They may be 'seen', where the student is aware in advance of the question(s) they are expected to answer, or 'unseen', where the questions are only revealed 'on the day'. In an 'open-book' exam, a student is allowed to use a selection of reference materials during the assessment. The questions asked as part of a written exam may be essay, short answer, problem or multiple-choice. Written exams usually (but not always) take place under timed conditions.


Written Assessment A written piece of coursework.  Written exercises that typically have deadlines attached but which are not carried out under timed conditions.  Examples are essays, case studies and briefs.
Report A report or reflective journal produced during and/or after participation in an activity such as fieldwork, laboratory work, work experience, placement or project.
Portfolio An Assessment of a collection of materials/evidence over a period of study over time
Dissertation /Research Project A substantial written Assessment that embodies outcomes of a study or an investigation or a research project.

Practical Examination

Practical-based assessment An Assessment which assesses how a student undertakes a practical skill, technique or competency, such as a clinical examination, laboratory techniques, language translation, or recital, which is organised by the relevant School.
Oral assessment and presentation A conversation or oral presentation on a given topic, including an individual contribution to a seminar.  Examples of oral assessments and presentations might include conversations, discussions, debates, presentations and individual contributions to seminars. This category would also include the viva voce exam which is typically used by institutions in specific circumstances such as clarifying assessment decisions reached via other means.