Entry Requirements: Visiting Student Pre-requisites

Staff holding the Input & Amend Course Details role will be required to set-up any Entry Requirements that exist for a course.

For University of Edinburgh courses this involves recording any Pre-requisites, Co-requisites or Prohibited Combinations in a structured format that will allow automatic validation of course selections to take place during Online Course Enrolment.

The following example describes the EUCLID process for adding entry requirement details for Visiting Students. These will be captured as free text and will not be validated against during Online Course Enrolment.

Note: The following guidance applies to courses created in EUCLID only. For all courses created in WISARD please continue to update the free text Visiting Student Pre-requisites field in WISARD. This will then be updated in EUCLID as part of the nightly course migration.

Step 1
Retrieve the Course Summary screen for the course being amended. This can be done through the Input & Amend Course Details Task for newly approved courses requiring initial set-up or using the Amend Details link in the DPTs and Courses homepage for open courses.

From the Course Summary screen scroll down to Entry Requirements. In this example there are currently no entry requirements recorded against the course, to set-up an entry requirement click the EUCLID Screenshot button.

EUCLID Screenshot


Step 2
The Course Entry Requirements screen is split into three sections:

  • University of Edinburgh Courses
  • Additional Entry Requirement Details & Non University of Edinburgh Courses
  • Visiting Student Pre-requisites


EUCLID Screenshot


Entry Requirement Type

Information Captured

University of Edinburgh Courses

Entry requirement rules involving UoE courses are captured in a structured format allowing automated validation of course selections during Online Course Enrolment.

Courses added as part of a validated entry requirement rule must have a EUCLID course code.

Additional Entry Requirement Details & Non UoE Courses

Free text field with 2 uses:

To record additional details for the rules above that cannot be included in the structured rule format (e.g. minimum pass marks for pre-requisite courses)

To record details of any Non UoE entry requirements (e.g. Highers/A-Levels)

Not validated during Online Course Enrolment.

Visiting Student Pre-requisites

Free text field used to capture any Visiting Student entry requirements.

Not validated during Online Course Enrolment.


Step 3
The Visiting Students Pre-requisites free text field can be used to record details of any entry requirements for Visiting Students.

NB Details of any Visiting Student entry requirements entered are for reference only and will not be validated against during Online Course Enrolment.

Having recorded the Visiting Student entry requirements click the EUCLID Screenshot button to return to the Course Summary screen.

EUCLID Screenshot


Step 4
The Entry Requirements section of the Course Summary screen displays the newly added Visiting Student pre-requisite.

EUCLID Screenshot