Keying an Application

What is the content of the email sent to an Applicant on submission of their application?

When an application has been submitted EUCLID automatically issues an acknowledgement email to all applicants that allows them to view their application via their EUCLID Portal.

Note: The acknowledgement email is design for applications received without any prior offer, therefore, Other Admissions staff should let applicants know that they will be receiving this email and reassure them their status is indeed unconditional firm. The email contains the following details:

  • EASE authentication
  • Introduction to MyEd & EUCLID Portal

An example of the acknowledgement email can be seen below:



Thank you for applying to the University of Edinburgh.

You can use MyEd, the University's web portal, to access all the information you need. Simply go to https://www.myed.ed.ac.uk and click on the 'Login with EASE' blue button.

You already have an EASE account, which allows access to MyEd.

Your University Username (UUN) is snnnnnnn.

If you have forgotten your password, please go to https://www.ease.ed.ac.uk and select the 'Forgotten Password' link for assistance.

Having logged into MyEd, please select the 'myStudies' tab containing the EUCLID channel.

MyEd gives you access to information about your application and other useful information about the University - whenever you want it and wherever you are. Accessing MyEd means that you will always be up to date and that together we are supporting the environment by saving paper.

You will need to access the EUCLID channel through MyEd in order to:

- track your application
- complete an online fee status questionnaire so that we can work out your fees
- respond to requests for further information in support of your application
- receive information about decisions
- upload your documents

You will need to check the EUCLID channel regularly to make sure your application is considered as quickly as possible.


A decision regarding your application(s) may be made in the next few weeks - so please make sure you access the EUCLID channel when you are notified by email.

For some programmes, competition for places is very high, and it is only when we have received and assessed every application after the closing date that we will be in a position to make final decisions. Decisions on admission for these programmes may therefore take longer.

Good luck with your application.

With best wishes

The University of Edinburgh