The Confirmation Embargo




Release dates for exam results for 2008/9 are as below:


Release date

SQA Highers

*Thur 31st July/Fri 1st August

GCE A-Levels

Sun 10th August

*SQA Higher release date is still to be confirmed by UCAS.

UCAS exercise an embargo period which begins with the Universities receipt of Awarding Bodies Linkage (ABL) exam results and continues until the results are within the public domain.

The embargo prohibits any communications pertaining to the exam results to applicants involved in the process until the embargo is lifted. The embargo time periods will be advertised by UCAS.

There will be 2 instances were a communications embargo will exist for SQA Highers and GCE A-Levels.

For the 2008/9 admission’s cycle the embargo dates have been set as below:

Exam results

Embargo Start

Embargo End

SQA Higher/Advanced Highers

*31st July/1st Aug

Tue 5th August

GCE A-Levels

Fri 8th August

14th August

*Release date still to be confirmed by UCAS

During this time Admissions staff & EUCLID Support should not send any portal messages via EUCLID to any applicants who are involved in the ABL exam results, not pass on any information via alternative methods.

Admissions staff & EUCLID Support may communicate via the EUCLID portal for those applicants that are not involved in the receipt of the ABL exam results during this period, however, great care must be taken when doing so to limit the chances of breaching the UCAS embargo.

Admissions staff may print paper letters relating to applicants involved in the ABL exam results during the embargo, but these letters should be stockpiled until the embargo period is over.

To minimise the risk of breaching the embargo, EUCLID Support will prohibit access to application decision details for all non-college staff members.



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