Assessment & Progression: centrally-developed reports

The following changes to be implemented 27/4/2015

Publication of reports for users to refresh at will
Currently the existing report is only available in a combination of pdf and csv formats forwarded to specific users each week; henceforth, all four versions of the report described below will be published openly in the following BIS folder:

Public Folders > SASG: Student Systems > Student Systems Developed and Maintained > Student > Progression

All BIS users registered to access student universes will be able to run these reports at will, or schedule them to run at times and intervals that suit local operational processes.

Pre-mark entry version
A new ‘pre-mark entry’ version of the report will be published which calculates progression RAG status on the assumption that credit will be awarded for all current-session courses for which a result has still to be recorded. This is intended for use prior to the recording of course marks, eg to confirm valid course choices have been made at the start of the session, or to check interim progression statuses after the end of semester 1. The report will not be available during the period of exam boards, when the existing version of the report must be used.

Progression decisions:
Both the post-mark entry and the pre-mark entry versions of the report will be amended to include all published progression decisions, in a format that the report to be filtered to display eg only students not yet progressed to the next year, or only students with no published decision.

Student data must be anonymised in the reports used in progression boards, whereas in other contexts students will need to be identifiable. The existing versions of both the pre-mark entry and the post-mark entry reports will therefore continue to display student UUNs and names, but an alternative anonymised version of each report will also be made available in which students are identified by exam number only.

Credit-weighted average marks
The calculation for stage/year 3 average course marks will be amended to exclude credits gained at SCQF level 07 or 08.

No changes will be made to reflect SLICCs; ie SLICCs will be incorporated into progression decisions in exactly the same way as any other course.

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