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As part of the Enhancing Student Support (ESS) projects we are providing online IT tolls to facilitate and support interactions between students, academic & administrative staff within the University.

The EUCLID Personal Tutors software has been developed to support scheduled and ad-hoc meetings between Students and their Personal Tutor or Student Support Team.


Please note that the Personal Tutor view has been updated to show the Award & Progression details of Tutees. Click on the link below to view the new function:

Guidance & Help

The links below provides step by step guidance on the different ways to assign students to a Personal Tutor, view Tutees and schedule meetings, by staff role:

Browser Settings

Default browser setting in Internet Explorer and Firefox can lead to EUCLID appearing to fail to function. We recommend that you set your browser to deal with pop up windows and tabbed browsing in specific ways. Before using EUCLID, please check that your browser is set as outlined in EUCLID's Frequently Asked Questions:


The following training materials are available to assist in briefing school colleagues:

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