Personal Tutor

How do I scheduled a 1:1 meeting with a student?

Click on the Personal Tutor page within navigation menu bar.

Click on the No meetings (past 90 days) link on the right hand side menu bar.


This will display a list of your Tutees with no meeting arranged in the past 90 days.


Note that at the top of the screen there is box containing the number of days which is set to 90 as a default. If you wish to change this number you can enter the new number in the box and then click on the Show Tutees button.

To schedule a meeting simply click on the Schedule 1:1 button next to the the appropriate Tutee.

This will open a window to allow you to Add a new meeting for your Tutee.


Select the Setup Meeting for a Future date radio button.

Key a date & time for the meeting to take place.

To view the pre-defined text, click on the Insert standard pre-defined text button. To select a text simply click on it and it will move this text to the message area below.


Otherwise simply key in the message in the area provided .

Select 1:1 Meeting (or appropriate other) from the drop down Meeting Type menu.

Select the meeting category (e.g. Academic, Personal, Other).

Select the Confidential tick box if the meeting details are to be kept confidential (i.e. only to be seen by the Personal Tutor, Senior Tutor Student Support Team & Student)


Up to three files can be attached to a meeting record (2mb limit per file). You can search for the appropriate  file to attach by clicking on the button next to the Files field. All common file types are acceptable.

Click on the Save meeting button.

This will display the meeting confirmation window.

notes updated

Attached files can be viewed by clicking on the file link next to Attachments.

Click on the Close button to navigate back to the Student with no 1:1 meeting in Semester 1 screen.