Student Administration

Volunteering - December 2012

Holyrood Park


The start of the day

Taking a break

Look what we've done
The end of the day
The Certificate

















The start of the day.....


At the start 1 At the start 2
All happy and innocent - unaware of the pain awaiting them! Still unaware.....






Working 1 Working 2
I'm sure there's a Christmas tree around here somewhere! What did they do to get this community service order?
Working 3  
Do these things work on legs too?  




Taking a break.....


Tea Break 1 Tea Break 2
Who's got the alcohol? I'm sure there's an escape route somewhere over here!
Tea Break 3  
Where's my yellow jacket and wooly hat?  




Look what we've done.....


Done 1 Done 2
A gorse free zone (ish)! Hang on, there's still a bit gorse left down here!
Done 3 Done 4
Let's move quickly or we'll sieze up! It's all over - hurray - a job well done.




The end of the day.....


End 1 End 2
An education right enough - gorse is jaggy! Is this the queue for the toilets?




The Certificate.....


Doesn't this make it all worthwhile.