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How do I move emails into folders manually?

If you do not want to move all the students’ emails into their folder immediately? You can run them manually. Here’s how to do it.

  • Go to the ribbon in Outlook


  • Select the dropdown on the Rules icon and select Manage Rules and Alerts. Make sure you are in E-mail rules Tab
  • Select the Run Rules Now button sto bring up Run Rules Now screen


  • Select the rule you want to run from Select rules to run. You can run multiple rules at one time simply by ticking all the rules you want to apply.
  • Check you are running in the correct folder in Run in Folder – the default is Inbox but this can be changed.
  • You can apply this rule to
    1. All messages,
    2. Unread messages, or
    3. Read messages.
  • Choose which one you want and select Run Now button f
  • Once the rule has been applied select the Close button g
  • This takes you back to the Rules and Alerts window. Select OK to complete the action. Check your student’s folder to see the emails you have moved over.