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External Examiner

Business Intelligence (BIS) Reporting


There are a suite of reports available based on the External Examiner Reporting System (EERS) data, to allow staff to identify thematic trends.

Staff can view submitted reports and responses within the suite of reports, and also analyse report data within the BIS Infospace.

Click on the topics below to view a full suite of all the reporting tools available to staff:

  1. How do I find External Examiner reports within the Business Intelligence Suite (BIS) reporting tool?
  2. Terms of Reference
  3. What Business Intelligence Suite (BIS) reporting is available to me for External Examiner data?
  4. How does the External Examiner data relate to reports submitted by an External Examiner in EERS?
  5. How do I run and interpret an EE Report Process Summary report?
  6. How do I analyse an EExam Infospace?
  7. How do I run and interpret External Examiner Reporting?
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