Student Support

Online Registration


Students can now complete their registration from within their MyEd Portal.

The Online Registration process now contains direct links to guidance help, along with various sources of information for helpful terms and definitions. All these aids are in place to best help anyone complete online registration without having to exit the software for assistance.

The embedded help is available to all completing Online registration.

When a student is at the approriate point in their matriculation they will receive notification upon entering the new Student Details channel in their Accounts tab within MyED. This notification message will direct them to the online registration process.

For a general guide of the new look and feel of the online regitration process with locations of support material please see the general overview tutorial available:

Please be aware of the Pause/Play/Forward/Back buttons for the tutorial  (lower left of tutorial) to inable you to view at your own pace.

For frequently ask question by previous students please see the following link:

Completion of the registration process is only one of the components required for full matriculation at the University of Edinburgh. Further information can be found here: Registration and Matriculation



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