Strategic Management Information and Operational Reporting


There is an extensive range of options for reporting on Student Systems data, both strategic, aggregated management information and operational data.

The Business Intelligence Suite (BIS) is the University's web-based reporting tool enabling access to management and operational data for a wide range of systems. BIS is accessed via the 'Reporting + Analytics' channel in MyEd (within the Admin and Teaching tabs) and delivers data via universes, reports and information spaces.

The Information Portal will soon (autumn 2015) be the single source for all student-related reporting information. Some of the links on this page will point to the portal as relevant content is relocated.

September 2015: We are simplifying rules for accessing our universes, reports and other resources, and reorganising our folder structure so that our public reports, infospaces and other resources are no longer organised by universe, but by business area. Further information will be available soon.

BIS Universes

The following universes – and associated reports - are available within the Student Systems portfolio:

Strategic Management Information

Operational Management Information used principally by Colleges and Schools


Information on the following Universes can be found on the Information Portal

Universe Description
External Examiner Reporting System (EERS) Examiner issues, suggestions and commendations to support thematic analysis and identification of reporting trends.
Miniportfolio Operational data on UG applicants to ECA who are required to submit a mini-portfolio.
Postgraduate Progression Management Database (PPMD) Operational PG student data used by colleges.
HESA-SFC-Teaching Load Historic strategic management information on current students in the form of monthly snapshots, used by colleges and GaSP to produce SFC early Statistics/Final Figures Returns and internal Teaching Load.
SMARTMI Operational student course assessment and progression data used by schools and colleges.
EUCLID Registry Student Management Operational student and course data used principally by the Student Administration team.
Student Counselling Service Operational student data for Student Counselling Service staff.
EUCLID GaSP Student Management Operational student and course data used by GaSP.

How to Access Student Universes

Apply for access in the same way you would apply for access to the EUCLID system. Forms for requesting access can be found on the Staff Accounts page.


For help and assistance with the Student Systems BIS standard reports and infospaces, or use of universes, please contact Student Systems.

For general help and assistance with using BIS and writing reports and infospaces, please see the main IS BIS Help and Support page.



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